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Child Custody & Support Issues For Unmarried Parents

If you are not married and are the parent (or think you are the parent) of a child with whom you want meaningful contact, you may need a family law attorney to assert and protect your parental rights. At the Law Office of Mei Nakamoto, we help unmarried parents in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii address a variety of child custody and child support issues, including the establishment of paternity and the creation of reasonable parenting plans.

Courts in Hawaii recognize the importance of having both parents play active roles in their child's life. To learn more about Hawaii family law and to explore your legal options, contact our law office today.

Are You The Father?

Paternity is the legal determination of a child's father when a child is born to unmarried parents or born during a marriage but is not the child of the husband. Until paternity is established for an unmarried father, that father has no legal rights or obligations. In Hawaii, paternity can be established in four ways:

  1. If the parents marry after the child is born
  2. If the parents sign a voluntary establishment of paternity document when the child is born
  3. If one parent files a paternity petition with the family court, which may result in a court-ordered paternity test
  4. If the child is born during a marriage or within 300 days after a divorce

Once paternity is established, the father can obtain custody and visitation rights and may be required to provide child support. Following the paternity determination, child custody and support matters are decided the same way as in a divorce case. Please see our Child Custody And Support page for more information regarding these issues.

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If you have questions about parental rights or establishing paternity, email us or call us in Honolulu. We advise and represent parents on the island of O'ahu and throughout Hawaii.

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