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At Nakamoto & Ferrer, Attorneys At Law, our goal is to resolve divorce and other family law disputes while minimizing hurtful conflict. As experienced divorce lawyers, we understand that family law issues often give rise to difficult emotions, and we are committed to promoting peace and helping our clients achieve positive outcomes.

While we are experienced litigators who will not hesitate to fight to protect our clients' rights in court, a significant part of our legal practice involves methods of alternative dispute resolution, including divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and child custody mediation. Often these methods help our clients develop more satisfying and longer-lasting agreements than if the issues were left up to a judge's decision.

To learn more about mediation and collaborative divorce in Hawaii, contact our law office in Honolulu.

Creating Solutions Outside Of Court

By its nature, courtroom litigation is adversarial. The two sides are generally not there to collaborate and instead are there to "win." The reality, though, is that in many cases, there is no clear "winner" in a courtroom battle involving issues such as divorce and child custody.

Through mediation and collaborative divorce, the spouses and parents can avoid a bitter courtroom battle and instead negotiate outside of court to reach a divorce agreement or child custody agreement that is optimal for everyone involved. In fact, with collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will be motivated to "stay at the table" because going to court will mean you lose your collaborative divorce attorneys.

With collaborative divorce and mediation, rather than having to comply with the court's schedule, you and the other party can agree on a convenient schedule and location to discuss the issues relevant to your case. You can also avoid the formality and adversarial atmosphere of the court, where a judge whom you likely do not know would be asked to make binding decisions about what is most important to you. Collaborative divorce and mediation allow for both sides to give input and negotiate a reasonable settlement.

In general, mediation and collaborative divorce lead to customized family law solutions, which are what we provide at Nakamoto & Ferrer, Attorneys At Law.

If a mediated or collaborative approach does not lead to agreement on both sides, there is still the option of asking a judge to decide.

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