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When is the “right time” to divorce your spouse?

Couples who are considering divorce might be uncertain about such a big decision. Divorce can change the future of your finances and family life, so it’s normal to feel both excited and intimidated.

There are many reasons why you might want to postpone divorce as well as reasons to begin the process immediately. Although every marriage comes with its own unique circumstances, there are a few considerations that might help you reach a decision.

No, your divorce doesn't have to go to court

The innovators of our world often begin with simply wondering if there might be a better way. The story has it that Steve Jobs looked at his old cell phone and asked if there was a better way. Indeed there was and the iPhone has forever changed the way we communicate and interact with technology.

Some may view divorce litigation as the old, business as usual way, of handling divorces. It can be a long, drawn out process that can be as ugly as you can imagine. Divorce litigation can be:

Planning for daily expenses after divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, it's hard to look at the future with a clear head. There's turmoil about where you'll live, what you'll own and how you'll care for the children. Many couples get caught up in child custody and division of property details while overlooking the basics of daily life.

As you think about the big decisions, the little ones are just as important. The division of property isn't just about retirement accounts and living quarters, it will affect your income and expenses. Most divorcing individuals go from a dual-income household to single-income when they split up. This has a direct effect on quality of living. Studies show that it hits women harder than men.

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