When is the "right time" to divorce your spouse?

Couples who are considering divorce might be uncertain about such a big decision. Divorce can change the future of your finances and family life, so it's normal to feel both excited and intimidated.

There are many reasons why you might want to postpone divorce as well as reasons to begin the process immediately. Although every marriage comes with its own unique circumstances, there are a few considerations that might help you reach a decision.

The state of your relationship

Obviously, a poor relationship will make both spouses unhappy. However, "poor" can have a variety of meanings. The first question to explore is whether your relationship is healthy enough to maintain.

Many couples find that they are dissatisfied with each other, but can stay amicable in daily life. This might mean that you can seek alternatives to divorce, such as therapy to improve the relationship over time.

However, some relationships have dangerous issues. Domestic abuse and violence can hurt you and your family, so divorce may be one form of protection.

Your children

You may have heard that it's noble to stay together for your children's sake. Contrary to popular belief, your children might not benefit from your marriage. A marriage full of arguments may create more stress than separation. Living apart may actually reduce household tensions. Co-parenting after divorce can still allow your child to bond with both parents individually.

Financial health

Hawaii follows the process of equitable distribution, which means that a court will split marital assets fairly, which might not result in a 50-50 division. Still, your individual living expenses may rise after separation. Those who are worried about financing a divorce may wish to read more about uncontested divorce and agreement modifications. For many couples, however, the monetary cost of a divorce does not outweigh its benefits.

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