What does child support money really buy?

Divorcing parents have many worries regarding their children. You most likely want to make sure that whatever happens between you and your spouse does not hurt your child. No matter how much anger a parent may have for their spouse, most parents want the best outcome for their child as well as for themselves.

For this reason, child support can be a common source of conflict. The person who would pay support does not want to pay in excess. The parent receiving child support needs to be able to care for the child financially. Ultimately, the main goal of this process is to strike a balance for the child's sake.

How Hawaii decides child support

In order to keep the costs fair, Hawaii courts consider a few factors that could make raising children more or less expensive. These include:

  • Each parent's total income
  • Each child's health insurance
  • The amount of children
  • Actual costs of childcare that allows the parent(s) to work
  • Custodial time

What payments do not cover

When a parent pays child support, it's natural to worry that the money could benefit the other parent instead of the children. Generally, these payments should not be so high that your ex lives in luxury while you struggle to get through each month. However, you do not have the ability to control your ex's spending habits, and you do not have the ability to restrict how your ex spends the child support money you pay. 

If you are concerned that your ex is abusing child support, do not withhold payments. Failure to pay child support can get you in trouble with the law. Disputing serious concerns in court or asking to modify payments may be a better answer.

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